SICHUAN PIXIANDOUBAN CO.,LTD . (hereinafter referred to as the "company") originated in 1688, the reign of Emperor Kangxi, the company is located in a "city of Chinese cuisine" reputation of chengdu Pi all district AnDe Town sichuan industrial function zone in China, is the oldest in southwest of broad bean paste with large-scale production enterprises.

As an inheritance enterprise of the traditional production skills of Pixian Douban, China's intangible cultural heritage, the company is the leading enterprise of Pixian Douban industry and the demonstration factory of industry standardized production. At present, the company mainly produces series of products such as "Juancheng Brand", "Yifeng Brand" and Pixian Douban, instant food and compound seasoning. Products are exported to Japan, Korea, Singapore, the United States, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Brazil, Chile, Russia and other more than 80 countries and regions.

In order to continuously meet the needs of consumers, the company promotes the product concept of "healthy, green, tasty and nutritious", follows the core values of "making sauce with ingenuity", and practices the enterprise spirit of "innovation and entrepreneurship, systematic and careful". Through the six promotion strategies of "management promotion, technological upgrading, brand promotion, information promotion, product promotion and capitalization promotion", the Pixian County Douban industry is continuously strengthened and integrated. To be committed to becoming the promoter and forerunner of Sichuan cuisine industry and Pixian Douban industry, as well as to build an international first-class seasoning enterprise and strive.

Cover area: more than 100000m²
Capacity scale: 100000T
Employees: more than 500

Juancheng Brand Pixian Douban

Because its products are ruddy and bright, with unique flavor of soy sauce and ester, it is known as "the soul of Sichuan cuisine".
In 2009, the company was approved to use the geographical indication certification trademark "Pixian Douban", and has passed the ISO9001 quality system, "national A grade green food", "national light industry quality product", "China international agricultural fair famous brand product", "national food industry enterprise integrity system construction pilot enterprise" and other certifications. It is honored as "time-honored brand of China", "intangible cultural heritage of China", "leading food enterprise of high quality in China's food industry", "leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Sichuan Province", "top ten brand enterprises of condiment in Sichuan Province", "demonstration enterprise of agricultural processing industry in Sichuan Province" and so on.
The company actively practices the enterprise spirit of "innovation and entrepreneurship, systematic and careful"
Focusing on the key work such as brand building, mechanism reform, quality and technical upgrading, basic management and talent reserve, we will carry out our responsibilities and make great efforts to promote all work. Innovate and develop instant food products, strengthen the integration of Pixian Douban industry, promote the intensive development of Pixian Douban industry, build the first group of Pixian Douban, and make the brand of Pixian Douban bigger and stronger by merging a number of small and medium-sized Douban enterprises with production conditions and food safety production.