Green Safety Certification
The company pays attention to improve its management level and product quality while operating legally. The company passed ISO9001 quality management system certification in 2004, green food certification in 2007, and ISO22000 food safety management system certification in 2011. In 2015, it passed the integrity management system certification, and in 2018, it passed the HACCP certification.
Company quality and food safety policy:
Excellent material selection, inheritance skills, fine management, continuous improvement, safety and health, customer satisfaction
Food and quality safety objectives:
The factory qualified rate of products is 100%, the frequency of food safety accidents is zero, and customer satisfaction ≧92%
Three non-principles of quality management:
1.Do not accept non-conforming products; 2, do not manufacture unqualified products; 3. No outflow of unqualified products
Green safety
The company has established a product traceability mechanism by using the information system. The raw materials can be traced back to the farmland, the production process can be traced back to the team, and the commodity sales can be traced back to the customer. In order to ensure the green and safe products and the controllable quality of raw materials, the company has set up a pepper planting base. The planting base is regarded as the first workshop of production, and standardized operations are carried out for seedling raising, transplanting, fertilization and field management in the base, so as to ensure the green and health of raw materials from the source. In addition, in order to protect the vital interests of consumers, the company has also established a tight management mechanism and organized a retrospective recall drill every year to reduce risk prevention and control to the lowest level.