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Boxed pixian douban dipping powder 90g

Based on the positioning of "Pixian Douban +", the industry pioneered "Pixian Douban" ready to eat products, retaining the secret process of ancient methods, the master team innovated and developed, exquisite extraction from Pixian Douban, spicy but not dry, return the sauce aroma.
Name: Boxed pixian douban dipping powder 90g
Packing: Packing
Province: Sichuan Province
City: Chengdu
Specialty products: Pixian Douban
Ingredients: dried pepper, vegetable oil, sesame, soybean, peanut, Pixian bean, chicken essence seasoning, sugar, spices, edible sesame oil,
Storage: Keep in a cool, dry and ventilated place away from light. Refrigerate after opening the bag
Shelf life: 365 days
Food additives: sodium glutamate,
Production date: See package
Specification: 90 g
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