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Jingou douban 280g

After making kojis and fermenting for more than one year, the broad bean is mixed and fried after carefully mixing pepper and golden gook. It has rich soy flavor, oily luster, petal and grain forming, and melting residue in the mouth. It has unique flavor of fresh, salty and slightly spicy, and is used to seasoning the meal.
Name: Jingou douban 280g
Packing: Packing
Manufacturer: Sichuan Pixian Douban Co., Ltd
Specialty products: Pixian Douban
Ingredients: broad bean, pepper, edible salt, vegetable oil, wheat flour, dried shrimps, white sesame, white granulated sugar, monosodium glutamate
Storage: Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place. Refrigerate when opening the bag
Shelf life: 365 days
Food additive: potassium sorbate, etc
Production date: See package
Specification: 280 g
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