1. Technology Center Competitiveness
    Technology Center Competitiveness Technology Center has a fermentation laboratory, product research and development room, cooking laboratory, central laboratory, has a number of core technologies and independent intellectual property rights, has more than 10 kinds of microbial species. It has undertaken more than 10 national, provincial, municipal and district major science and technology projects and won more than 20 awards for major scientific and technological achievements at district level or above.
  2. 技术创新委员会

  3. 技术专家委员会

  4. The role of the technology center
    National technological innovation into effect, carrying out guidelines, policies, laws and regulations, inheriting the PI county douban traditional techniques, research and develop the support needed for the enterprise long-term development work, especially the continuous research and development with market prospects and the competitiveness of new products, new techniques, new technologies, to do a good job of the introduction of technology digestion, absorption and re-innovation, make full use of advanced technology at home and abroad, Comprehensive integration and application development are carried out through independent research and development and cooperation with scientific research institutes to form technology and leading products with core independent intellectual property rights.
  5. Technical Center Office
    Office of Technology Center is a standing office under the leadership of Technology Innovation Committee, and its main work contents are as follows: To understand, implement and implement the national, provincial and municipal science and technology policies; to establish the science and technology innovation system of the enterprise technology center based on the actual situation of the company; to formulate and implement the related science and technology policies and science and technology management system of the company technology center; to create a good science and technology culture and science and technology innovation environment for the company's future sustainable development. The main responsibilities of the technical center office include: drafting, revising and implementing the technical development of the technical center; To be responsible for the daily management of the enterprise technology center; Responsible for the centralized management of all science and technology projects in the technology center; To be responsible for the preliminary examination of patent, proprietary technology and proprietary management mode (novelty, creativity and practicability); Responsible for the collection, sorting and release of scientific and technological information.
  6. Intellectual Property Office
    The intellectual property office is a professional organization engaged in intellectual property protection in the enterprise technology center.
    The intellectual property office under the enterprise technology center of the company has established and improved the "firewall" of intellectual property rights protection for enterprises. In addition, the Company has successively issued the Regulations on the Management of Company's Science and Technology Projects, the Measures for the Implementation of Job Patent Declaration and Rewards, the Measures for the Management of Company's Patent, the Trademark Management System, and the Trade Secret Protection System. Through system construction and continuous improvement of various measures to strengthen the development and protection of intellectual property rights.
    At the same time, through constant team building and good incentive system, the company focuses on cultivating a group of comprehensive intellectual property management personnel who understand law, technology and science, and establishes a professional intellectual property team with self-judgment, self-protection and self-implementation.