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high-class Douban 500g Yifeng He

Pixian Douban founding brand, yi feng he hao, adhering to the wine, made from pure manual, natural fermentation on the 3 years, China's intangible cultural heritage inheritance master team, select two thorns chili, high-quality broad bean, zigong well salt as advocate material, do not contain any additives, taste mellow, maotai-flavor, Pixian Douban first-rate.
Name: Yifeng He No. 500G Boxed high-class Douban
Packing: Packing
Manufacturer: Sichuan Pixian Douban Co., Ltd
Specialty products: Pixian Douban
Ingredients: red pepper, broad beans, salt, wheat flour
Storage: Keep in a cool, dry and ventilated place. Refrigerate after opening the bag
Shelf life: 726 days
Food Additives: None
Production date: See package
Specification: 500 g
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